If you want to the trees on your property to be healthy, the right care is important. During the dormant winter months, a lot of pruning and care for your trees can be done. The maintenance that you have done to your trees now can help to protect them later and ensure that they have healthy growth. Here are some tree care tips to ensure your trees make it through another dormant season:

1. Pruning Storm Damage To Protect Your Trees

The fall months can bring a lot of storms and wind. This can cause damage to branches on your trees. If you want to limit potential problems for your trees, it is best to trim storm damage as soon as possible. This is because the damage can leave a tree exposed to all sorts of problems, such as disease and insect infestation. If you do this during the autumn months, you may want to cover the cuts up to protect the tree. Do not use a pruning sealer for this, but instead use a little clay, which can be removed or will naturally fall of as the tree grows.

2. Clean Job With Pruning During The Dormant Months

There are also benefits to doing pruning and other tree care during the dormant months. This is a time of year when many of the plants in your garden are dormant, which means that they are less likely to be damaged when doing the care. It is also a good time to clean up pruning and debris that you may already be cleaning. This can also be a great time to do renovations and changes to your landscaping while you are doing tree care tasks.

3. Treating Trees For Insects And Disease During Winter Months

Insects can be a major problem with your trees. The dormant season is an ideal time to treat problems like pine beetles. You may also want to do other treatments for things like disease that can kill trees and cause severe damage. The dormant season is that ideal time to treat these problems and get them under control.

These are some tree care tips to help ensure your trees are healthy and free of problems. If you need help with the care of trees on your property, contact a tree care service like Arbor Man Tree Care and talk with them about pruning and care during the winter months.