If you have recently moved into a home and the yard is so overgrown you can barely get through it with a lawnmower, and the trees and vegetation look rotted or dead, it's time to get some professional help. This isn't just going to improve curb appeal; it will also prevent potential disasters.

You don't want any complications with dying trees, rotted grass and vegetation, and an unmanageable yard that never looks good. Here are a few of the professionals you want to call to get help with the lawn.


Have an arborist come assess the trees if you suspect they are rotting because of disease. This is a tree professional that can diagnose the different diseases your trees could be suffering from, and help you treat the trees that can be saved. If some trees are beyond saving, the arborist can help you try to prevent the disease from getting to the other trees on your property or throughout the neighborhood.

If the trees do have to be removed, hire a professional tree trimming and removal company. They will take out the trees, the stumps, and get rid of the debris.

Pest Control

Lawns that are overgrown and haven't been cared for often become a host for pests like rodents and insects. To prevent these pests from becoming a larger problem, or to prevent the pests from trying to infest your home, you'll want to call exterior pest control professionals. The experts can remove nests, spray for pests, and examine to see if there are any serious infestations that need immediate treatment.

Lawn Care Experts

The lawn care experts will have commercial grade equipment to get through the highest grass and brush. They can make the grounds tidy and flat, and you can have them fix other landscaping issues like mulch and greenery trimming. The experts will treat the lawn for weeds and help you to get soft fresh grass around the property.

Maintaining the yard around your home will help you maintain your property value and protect the house. You'll need to talk with these experts to get the problems you see taken care of right away. You don't want dead tree branches falling on your home, or termites that are attracted to rotting wood in the yard attacking the home. After you've addressed these problems you should be able to maintain the property on your own easily.